Sziget Festival
Concept | visualization
A design for an enormous interactive installation for the Sziget festival in Budapest, in cooporation with Egon de Regt. With this 15-meter-tall, almost industrial looking amplifier, any visitor can share a message with the surrounding visitors. 
Think about a joke, a song or maybe even a declaration of love! Visitors can talk though an old phone horn that is built into the lower part of the machine which the sound will seem to be coming though the enormous gramophone horn.

Beside the installation we would also make an animated news message in which you can see the Gramplifier 4000 being excavated from the Donau by archeologists.  

Unfortunately, we were unable to create the Gramplifier 4000 due to the budget and deadline.  
Egon de Regt and I colaborate more often on projects as Enter or Escape.
Storyboard for animation
Earlier designs
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