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'The Waldeck Experience' is a project by urban planning agency OD205, to improve the experience of the Nieuw-Waldeck neighborhood by conducting research among the residents. It is a quiet neighborhood with little traffic where many elderly people live, but it is also a neighborhood where you have to know your way and know the nice places to get somewhere. We therefore walked with residents a few times to see which route they like to walk and which places they like to visit. Based on this information, we made a roadmap for all residents of the district, as a thank you for the research. 
This road map is not only an overview of the district with landmarks to find your way, but also indicates nice specific features that are recognizable for residents. Such as 'The Bike Lane of Song' or 'The Amazing Waldeck Garden'. In this way, we hope that the residents come together more often, discover new places and feel happier in their own neighborhood. The research is on it's own a contribution to a positive experience. The points for improvement that came out of the research are then presented to the Municipality of The Hague.

A route map for and by residents

The route map was also published in trade magazine 'Stedebouw & Architectuur'

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