Text and music by Splendid
Recorded and produced by Bas van Wageningen & Jochem Smaal
Concept, creation and animation by Enter Or Escape  
Special thanks to Suzie Lammers for the helping hand during the last few weeks 

Nomination for 'Best animation' at Eindhoven Film Festival
Nomination for 'Best debut' at Eindhoven Film Festival  

21-22 November 2015 at ARTWEST – Amsterdam
26-29 November 2015 at EFF (Eindhoven Film Festival) – Eindhoven
12-13 March 2016 at ARTWEST – Amsterdam
16-20 March 2016 at HAFF (Holland Animation Film Festival) – Utrecht
​5 February 2017 at Pathé Pac Festival - Breda

Thanks for watching :)
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