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When making a documentary it can occur that there is no available moving imagery of certain historical events. Which was exactly the case in this documentary, where we look back at the excavation of the North Sea canal and the effects it had on the surrounding area. Therefore Egon de Regt and I were asked to recreate the event through animation.

For this documentary created a scenic animation with a historical look, in which we depict the harsh circumstances of these hard workers. Instead of an explanatory animation we tried to tell the story in a poëtical manner by showing the emotion and atmosphere of that time. The form of the figures in the animation were based on the statue 'De Kanaalgravers' by Aart Lamberts.

In the first scene you'll see impoverished Amsterdam c.a. 1860, the people were unemployed and very poor, just like the main figure, who procedes to the palace named 'Paleis voor Volksvlijt' where the idea for digging the canal is being celebrated. In the final scene the protagonist travels to the dunes where the project is taking place. It was harsh and the circumstances were bad, but at least there was work.

Besides the animation, we also designed and animated the film title, the names of the interviewd people and the credits. For the titles we used the same technique as we used making the figures in the animation, making the documentary consistent.
Credits Documentary
Co-direction by Pauline van Vliet & Marieke Rodenburg
Production & research by Pauline van Vliet
Camera, sound & editing by Marieke Rodenburg
Animation and typography by Enter or Escape (Esther Malaparte & Egon de Regt)
Music & sound editing by Erik Hense
Voice-overs: Piet Blom, Cees Kraandorp, Joop Holt, Bernard Geijsel, Berto Teeuwen en Dick Berg
Interviewee: Theo Warmenhoven
Collage backgrounds
Source material
Source: City ​​archive Amsterdam
Source: City ​​archive Amsterdam
'Paleis voor Volksvleit' - Source: City ​​archive Amsterdam
'Paleis voor Volksvleit' - Source: City ​​archive Amsterdam
'De kanaalgravers' - Statue made by Aart Lamberts
'De kanaalgravers' - Statue made by Aart Lamberts
Storyboard by Egon de Regt
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